Juicy Café owner Abigail is passionate about food and health. Since taking over the family business first started by her mother in 1992, Abigail has been on a mission to help people live better, by eating better.

A long time sufferer from an auto-immune disease, Abigail knows first hand about the impact of a balanced and healthy diet on the quality of life, but also believes passionately that food that is ‘good for you’ can also taste great and fill you up, if made right.

Abigail is noted for the energy she brings to her business, her customer and employee relationships, and is a committed custodian of the environment, seeking to operate the Juicy Café in an environmentally responsible and sustainable fashion, and work with partners who have a similar set of values.

The Juicy Café is more than food; it’s fuel for body and soul.



We strive each day to go beyond what is expected of a local food company. That means, using only recyclable or compostable packaging & utensils, paying our employees the Seattle living wage or above, keeping all our foods and drinks simple and natural, and providing all our customers with a high quality experience every time they visit.



We are an open and accepting company that prides ourselves on the diversity of our team. Our people come from different backgrounds and have different
perspectives that help to make working at Juicy so fun & interesting. We would be nothing without our amazing team, and credit their efforts to our success!

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Our Partners

Here at Juicy Café, we strive to work with as many local and organic partners as possible. Our goal is that from farm to plate all the food & produce we use is simple and natural with no added preservatives or sugars. Sustainability, quality, and fair treatment is extremely important to us and we pride ourselves on working with companies with similar values. Plus, most of our partners are family owned & operated—just like us!

Just a few of our partners:
Northwest Frozen Berry Farm
Evergreen Herb & Roots
Rebel Produce
Essential Baking Company
Inaba Farms
Carpinito Brothers
Imperial Gardens
Little Potato Company
Washington Fruit & Produce
Jensen Farms
Mama Lil’s
Pacific Foods
Stemilt Growers
Mosby Farms
Ostrom Farms
Small Planet
Eastview Blueberry Farms
Coleman Chicken
Pudget Sound Kombucha
Herm Pharm Supplements


Island Springs Organics

This local Vashon Island company supplies us with fresh USDA certified organic tofu. We have been working with them for years and love how simple and delicious the tofu is. It’s also special made just for us!


Tillamook Country Creamery

A very well-known name, with a hometown taste! We get our sharp white cheddar from this Oregon based company. Tillamook is committed to sustainability and building great relationships with their local dairy farmers.


Truitt Family Foods

Located in Salem Oregon, their black beans and chickpeas are always fresh and never have any added preservatives. Everything is sustainably produced and locally Pacific Northwest! We buy their organic black beans & chickpeas!


Wilcox Family Farms

Since 1909 Wilcox farms has been producing the highest quality eggs. As a 4th generation family farm they have fully transitioned to being 100% Organic and Cage free. Their hens are Food Alliance certified, Certified Humane, Salmon Safe, and certified organic by Oregon Tilth. They have a commitment to the land, community, employees, and product quality—that’s why they are the only eggs we use!